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Corrugated Box Fasteners & Clips

Craftsman TJoint HP601WA
Craftsman TJoint PP460W
Craftsman TJoint PP460SS
Craftsman TJoint PP400WL


Combination dust-proofing / handle
Convenient for carrying
Boxes can be put together or separated by one simple operation
Large items can be easily packaged
Convenient for unpacking and repacking
Computers, faxes, Printers, Home Electrical Appliances
Large and heavy goods packaging
Medical, optical and commercial products
T-joints easy to transport and easy to use


1 piece joint provides several functions - Ideal for 2-layer & 3-layer corrugated
Applications Reusable Packaging for various kinds of large or heavy goods, and large-sized parts. Computers, faxes, and other office machines; home electrical appliances. Knock-down boxes for automobile parts. One-weight assembled boxes for various kinds of parts and products. Recyclable assembled boxes for various parts.

Doublewall to Doublewall
Hand Hold Clip

Methods of packing and repacking
Hand Hold Fastener, Doublewall Fastener, Pallet to HSC

Environmentally sound

Designed to fit with precision devices and machinery, which are
multifunctional and large-scale, an emphasis was put on
ease of carrying and dust-proofing.

Easy to use packing clips
T-Joints packing clips are easy to secure and release,
and do not cause damage during repacking, like tapes and staples.

Recycling & Reusability
T-Joints are designed to endure multiple use, with reinforced bending points
and other durability features supported by carefully select materials.
Because boxes are undamaged when opened they can be
reused again and again... efficient utilization of resources
means reduced waste materials, and a real contribution
to resolving environmental problems.

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