ESD Protection
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Protection where you need it most

Craftsman Packaging, Inc. offers complete ESD protection with conductive & Anti Static Packaging Materials.

Anti Static Bags
Static Shielding Bags
Finger Cots
ESD Floor Wax
Work Station Mats
Lab Coats
Wafer Jars
In Plant Handlers
Heel Straps
Wrist Straps
Conductive Totes, Bins, Boxes

Static Shielding Bags        Protect Your Products


    Box Handles & Fasteners
    Cleanroom Supplies
    Clips and T-Joints
    Corrugated Boxes
    Cushioning Materials
    ESD Anti-Static
    Folding Cartons
    Janitorial Supplies
    Labels and Custom Stock
    Military Packaging
    Retail Packaging
    Safety Supplies
    Shipping Supplies
    Software Packaging
    Wooden Crates
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