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Craftsman started in an old broom closet, in an old warehouse, in San Jose back in 1988.  A single desk, a phone and a Mac 512 were the tools that we started with.  We had no warehouse space to speak of, and our only "delivery" vehicle was a Toyota Celica.  We have come a long way since those early days.

Today we base our operations in a large, modern facility located in Hayward, California.  From here, we serve our customers throughout the greater bay area and have shipped our products as far as Norway and France to the east, and to China and Japan, to the west. And the products, they have changed as well.  In the "old days" we supplied packaging materials.  Now, we provide a full range of services and supplies to a growing list of clients, greatly simplifying their procurement tasks.

The future will bring us new challenges and we'll be ready.

    Box Handles & Fasteners
    Cleanroom Supplies
    Clips and T-Joints
    Corrugated Boxes
    Cushioning Materials
    ESD Anti-Static
    Folding Cartons
    Janitorial Supplies
    Labels and Custom Stock
    Military Packaging
    Retail Packaging
    Safety Supplies
    Shipping Supplies
    Software Packaging
    Wooden Crates
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